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About the Artist

​Randolph is a classically trained American artist whose monumental work has been recognized in international exhibitions. He has been deeply influenced by Renaissance and Baroque art, and has also trained in impressionism and nineteenth century naturalism. These have given rise to a style that has breadth of technique and elevated design. His complex compositions are juxtaposed with a calm thoughtfulness that soothes the viewer.


Having studied the great works of art across Italy and France, (traveling to Paris with the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art's Paris Prize Scholarship) he seeks to bring both the technical prowess and spirit of those works into his own art.

The artist believes in being inspired, and that the beauty and belief found in great art can lift and heal us. It can motivate us to become what we wish to be.

Randolph currently lives in Saratoga Springs, Utah, with his lovely wife Lela.

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